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Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

How Do You Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts?

Does it feel like your mind is driving you mad?

Paul explores the phenomenon of negative thoughts and how they can unexpectedly intrude on our minds, triggering a cascade of negative emotions and behaviours. He shares personal anecdotes and insights into the nature of these thoughts, emphasising that they are not inherently negative but rather a product of our perception and relationship with them.

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  • Negative thoughts are a normal part of the mind's conditioning and can trigger negative emotions and behaviors.
  • The mind is often seeking conflict and problems, which can lead to a negative story loop.
  • Thoughts are not inherently negative; it is our perception and relationship to them that determines their impact.
  • Trying to suppress or eliminate negative thoughts can actually make them more persistent.
  • By accepting and observing thoughts without judgment, we can reduce their importance and focus on more important aspects of our lives.


"If you're worried about this ever happening, understandable but it also means that you're not likely to let this happen. It goes against your values which are being used against you."

"The thoughts that appear inside your mind are just thoughts. They will just come and go. Nothing is permanent. That is the beauty of impermanence."

"You're going to have [negative thoughts] for the rest of your life. So why not change your relationship with them? Why not just let them be there?"

"They're protective lies of course but they are still lies nonetheless."


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Paul Sheppard

Paul Sheppard is a life-transforming anxiety and mindset coach, hypnotherapist, and host of the top ten Mindset Change podcast. He is on a mission with his holistic approach to help everybody set themselves free from limiting mindsets and feel less anxious and more empowered.

Paul coaches people 121 or in groups online around the world, and you can reach him here.

Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast
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