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Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

Is Anxiety Freedom Even Possible?

Are you making these big anxiety mistakes?

Paul discusses the biggest mistakes he made in his battle with anxiety and shares valuable insights for anxiety sufferers. He explores the misconception that anxiety can be solely controlled by positive thinking and understanding one's past, highlighting the importance of tools and strategies to manage anxiety.

Paul also emphasises the negative impact of avoidance and an unhealthy perception of anxiety. He shares his personal journey towards anxiety freedom and introduces a 6-week anxiety freedom masterclass available through an app collaboration with NewMind Wellness which you can find at https://numindwellness.com/pages/anxiety-free-masterclass-6-week-course-p-20

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  • Understand that anxiety is not solely a mental issue, but also involves the body and spirit.
  • Recognise the importance of tools and strategies to manage anxiety and stress, rather than solely relying on changing thoughts.
  • Avoid the mistake of avoiding situations that trigger anxiety, as it can lead to a smaller and lonelier world.
  • Change the perception of anxiety from being an enemy to working with it and understand its messages.
  • Take care of one's lifestyle, including sleep, diet, exercise, and reducing substances like alcohol and caffeine, to support the nervous system and reduce anxiety.


"Anxiety is a natural part of life and it can be a lifesaver so you can't be free from that type of anxiety but the over worrying and the catastrophizing and the panic attacks are something that are out of context and that you can be free from."

"I avoided too many situations. For me, travel was an issue, social events were an issue, and that avoidance really did make my world a lot smaller and lonelier."

"The more we try to get rid of something like anxiety, the more we're likely to experience it. The more you try to be happy, for example, the less likely you are to experience happiness."


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Paul Sheppard

Paul Sheppard is a life-transforming anxiety and mindset coach, hypnotherapist, and host of the top ten Mindset Change podcast. He is on a mission with his holistic approach to help everybody set themselves free from limiting mindsets and feel less anxious and more empowered.

Paul coaches people 121 or in groups online around the world, and you can reach him here.

Mindset Change - Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast
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