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Mondays with Milly

S9 Ep12: The Finale

Mondays with Milly
Mondays with Milly

After more than 65 episodes and almost as many songs, this episode is our last.

What parting gift do you give to an amazing woman who has everything she needs and wants and whose longevity spans 10 decades? The answer is simple: you give her messages of love, support and gratitude. And that's what this episode is all about. 

Thank you Milly - for your warmth, your honesty and your gift of story telling. There are more than a few valuable lessons contained within and you've given your family a powerful legacy for generations to come. You've also provided me with a tremendous resource for the classroom. 

Thank you to anyone who's cared to listen - if only for a passing moment. We hope Milly's stories made you pause and ponder. 

And thank you to my wonderful and talented daughter, Niamh, whose willingness to pick up songs spanning eras and genres made me shake my head many times. As you get older you'll come to fully appreciate the power of what you've done for others, Niamh. The love and bond between you and Milly will endure.

And if you're new to the podcast and wonder what all the fuss is about - I recommend S1, Ep1: Meet Milly from Moss Side, Manchester. 

Phill Cristofaro - December 25th, 2021

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Mondays with Milly
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