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Movies and Booze on Moncrieff

Movies and Booze

Movies and Booze on Moncrieff
Movies and Booze on Moncrieff

Sean Moncrieff was joined Mick O'Connell, Sarina Bellissimo and Olivia Fahy with thanks to Marks and Spencer.

Today's wines are listed below:


    Pet Nat is an abbreviation for Petillant Naturel, a naturally sparkling wine. The fermented wine is still bottled in the bottle, which stops the fermentation there, so a little CO2 and yeast precipitate is formed in the bottle. The wine is not filtered or sweetened (no dosage) and the wine is now closed with a regular crown cap. The wine is made with natural yeast and uses minimal sulphites. Spontaneous fermentation ends in the bottle, as a result of which a pleasantly natural cloudy layer remains in the wine. This refreshing, sparkling wine is full of fruity and lively orchard flavors. The natural sediment makes the wine cloudy, while adding many interesting nuances to the taste, the wild yeast makes the wine tasty and easy to enjoy. 


    Refined, elegant bouquet. Fine on the palate with typical Prosecco preservation of quality, floral and fruity hints of white peach. Excellent as an aperitif and for the whole meal, excellent with delicate first courses. Glera grape grown on the flat with gravelly substrate covered by earthy material with low density - 3500 plants to hectare. Soft pressing, static decantation, fermentation in stainless steel tanks, second fermentation according to the Charmat method in autoclave with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature. 

    Tinned pear and peach aromas with a little mineral inflection. Great party wine. 

Movies and Booze on Moncrieff
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