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by Blood In The Sink Productions
Murder In America

EP. 12 - KANSAS - The Wichita Horror: The Most Disturbing Murder Story I've EVER Heard


In the year 2000, an unbelievably brutal and shocking series of crimes rocked the city of Wichita, Kansas. What began as simple robberies quickly began to devolve into carjackings, then acts of violence, followed by, ultimately, a terrifying home invasion, hours of torture, and series of executions in a snowy field. There have been shows and podcasts made about The Wichita Horror, but usually people skimp out on the details of just what happened inside of that home in Wichita on that cold, December’s night. But we aren’t. We are going to tell you the FULL story, and I have to tell you guys, to everyone listening online, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE WITH CAUTION. We are going to discuss some vile, disgusting, absolutely reprehensible things in this podcast, and this is NOT for the faint of heart. Trigger warnings include abuse, sexual violence, and obviously, murder. This is the disturbing, true story of THE WICHITA HORROR. And you’re listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA…


Episode 12

by Blood In The Sink Productions