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by Blood In The Sink Productions
Murder In America

EP. 13 - MINNESOTA: A Mother's Murder: The Needless Killing of Carol Thompson


This murder was the inspiration for the movie "FARGO".

Our story takes place in St. Paul, Minnesota, in a neighborhood called Highland Park. It’s March of 1963, and the homes within this neighborhood are filled with members of the upper-middle class. It was a neighborhood that a lot of people would aspire to raise a family in. One where no one would suspect danger or foul play. This was the case for the home at 1720 Hillcrest Avenue, where the Thompson family lived. It was a lavish property with an almost regal feel to it. And the Thompson family, surely, had no idea, that what would happen in their home would go on to become one of the biggest murder cases in Minnesota history. You’re listening to Murder in America.


Episode 13

by Blood In The Sink Productions