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by Blood In The Sink Productions
Murder In America

EP. 19 - GEORGIA - The Corpsewood Manor Murders: Sex, Drugs & Satan


In 1982 outside of Trion, Georgia, a couple was brutally murdered in their mansion in the woods after a robbery gone wrong. And when the full story of the crime emerged, detailing the occult objects found in the home, the sex parties held on the property and the supposed demons haunting the surrounding forest, the attention of the entire United States was focused on the house, nicknamed, lovingly, by its owners, "CORPSEWOOD MANOR". In the years after the murders, the house has become abandoned, and now sits in the woods, surrounded by ghost stories, waiting for the next brave adventurer to come pay it a visit... this, is the tragic tale of the murders of Joe Odom and Dr. Charles Scudder, at Corpsewood Manor. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.


Episode 19

by Blood In The Sink Productions