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by Blood In The Sink Productions
Murder In America

EP. 2 - TEXAS - The Texas Killing Fields Murders


Deep in the heart of East Texas lies a cursed ground, an oil field left abandoned decades ago that, over the last 40 years has become an active open air cemetery, stained permanently by murder. It’s a place where 30 dead bodies have been discovered... and nobody has been held responsible for these crimes. There are no answers or justice in this case. Only heartbreak, violence, and murder. This is the story of the Texas Killing Fields. 

In the second episode of "Murder in America", hosts Colin & Courtney dive deep into the story of the Texas Killing Fields, a patch of land in the state of Texas that was rocked by a string of unsolved murders spanning all the way back to 1971, with bodies that still continue to turn up to this day. This story will leave you angry and afraid, and looking over your shoulder at every turn, as these killers still walk among us in the Lone Star State.

This episode will DEFINITELY have you asking the question... the dead don't talk... or DO they?


Episode 2

by Blood In The Sink Productions