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by Blood In The Sink Productions
Murder In America

EP. 4 - SOUTH DAKOTA - The Torture & Murder of Chester Poage


In the year 2000, a single, brutal murder would change South Dakota forever.

Stories of serial killers oftentimes pique the interest of the public. However, sometimes it only takes a single crime to strike fear into the hearts of a population, and the brutality and depravity just one murder can be much more of a shocking event than the discovery of a serial killer. In Spearfish, South Dakota in the year 2000, the grisly torture and execution of innocent man Chester Poage did just that.

Warning, this episode contains descriptions of extremely violent and disturbing events. Listener discretion is advised.

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(Co-hosted by Courtney Shannon & Colin Browen)


Episode 4

by Blood In The Sink Productions