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by Blood In The Sink Productions
Murder In America

EP. 6 - IDAHO - The "SCREAM" Killers & The Death of Cassie Jo Stoddart


Sometimes, life imitates art. And in 2006, a crime rocked a small town in Idaho that seemed to be drawn straight from the script of a horror movie. The story of the death of Cassie Jo Stoddart will shock you. It will anger you. And above all, it will terrify you. Get ready to “Scream”... you’re listening, to Murder in America.

If you've ever sat and wondered, "has anyone ever killed someone based on a death in a horror movie?", your question has now been answered. This is episode 6 of "Murder In America", a new True Crime podcast that takes a look at all things murder, co-hosted by Colin Browen & Courtney Shannon.


Episode 6

by Blood In The Sink Productions