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Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews

How Liz Lost 38 Pounds and Got Fitter Than Ever In Her 50s

In this podcast, I interview Liz, who nearly gave up on reaching her fitness goals, but joined my one-on-one coaching program and lost 38 pounds while getting stronger than ever. And in her own words, it was “easier” than any other program she tried.

That’s saying something because before finding my work, Liz struggled with body image from a young age. She spent decades (and thousands of dollars) on bunk programs, pills, books, and fad diets. She yo-yo dieted herself into losing and gaining the same 25 pounds over and over again.

Understandably, she was skeptical of my book and coaching program, but took the leap as a last ditch effort before giving up on her goals. And she’s glad she did, because she finally learned how to take control of her health with flexible dieting, lose fat for good, and get stronger than she’s ever been.

And she managed to do it in her 50s, with nothing but a home gym, and while facing several health conditions like hypothyroidism, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even dental surgeries.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Liz’s journey as she discusses the benefits of having a coach, what made Legion different from other programs she tried, the life-changing freedom of a flexible dieting plan, and the power of consistency over perfection.

And now she just wants to inspire at least one other person to take the leap and change their own life. So, if you are looking for inspiration and motivation on your own health journey, this episode is for you. Tune in to hear Liz's story!



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5:47 - Where were you at in your fitness journey before you found my work?

14:07 - Did you experience any challenges?

26:03 - How did you deal with having surgeries while doing the program?

27:51 - How do you like training at home?

30:12 - What was different about flexible dieting versus regular calorie counting?

32:46 - What stood out to you about Legion that made you want to try the program?

36:19 - My One-on-One Coaching Service: www.buylegion.com/coaching

37:59 - What are your fitness goals?

41:54 - How has your thyroid condition impacted your fitness journey?

57:08 - Is there anything else you would like to add?


Mentioned on the show:

My One-on-One Coaching Service: www.buylegion.com/coaching

Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews
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