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Muscle Intelligence Podcast

Movement Mastery and Expanded Consciousness with Ido Portal


Today's guest takes the lines and limitations of the commonly perceived notions of movement, awareness, and life... then expands, deconstructs, and weaves these concepts into the outer edges of human consciousness.

Starting from an early age in Traditional Martial Arts, Ido Portal was obsessed with the physical. At age 15, he learned Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, a practice that sent him on a life-long journey to explore various modalities, and learn and study his deeper connection to Movement.

His search to study under experienced 'Movement Teachers' came up unsuccessful, as he could not find anyone who could TRULY represent that title. All the 'Movement Teachers' focused on a specific discipline, but none were actually interested in the bigger picture of movement.

So, he worked towards and eventually claimed the title for himself: a Movement Teacher.

You'll learn:

  • The most advantageous rules to BREAK within traditional movement systems.
  • The step-by-step path to an intentional movement practice.
  • How to train to improve mindfulness and emotional awareness.
  • How to MASTER you mind and expand your consciousness through your body.

Plus, I've taken the key concepts and compiled them into an episode guide for you. Get the full episode guide here.

Learn more about Ido Portal:

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