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My Bigfoot Sighting

They Come Out at Night! - My Bigfoot Sighting Episode 103

My Bigfoot Sighting
My Bigfoot Sighting
Tonight’s first guest had his Bigfoot sighting in April of 2015, in Nashville, Georgia. He was coming home from Walmart that night and decided to take backroads to get home. He was about 10 minutes from home and about 200 feet from a stop sign, on a dirt road when he noticed movement ahead. It’s all too easy to think that it was just a deer that came into view, as it was crossing the road. It was no deer, though. What he saw was absolutely massive and walking on two legs. We hope you’ll tune in and listen to him chronicle what happened that night. The night he saw a huge Sasquatch.

Tonight’s second guest had her Bigfoot sighting over 25 years ago, in a small town, in Eastern Kentucky. You see, back then, she lived in a house that was surrounded by woods, way out in the country. A lot of people in the area of the Appalachian Mountains where she and her family lived back then refused to go out at night. They were afraid of what they might encounter after dark, in those mountains. Tonight’s second guest disregarded their warnings and went out anyway. One night, she found out the hard way that he people who she’d heard warn against going out, after dark, just might have known something she didn’t!

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My Bigfoot Sighting
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