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by Dr Louise Newson (Newson Health)
My Menopause Doctor | Dr Louise Newson | Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre

095 - The Lorraine effect: menopause in the public eye. Lorraine Kelly and Dr Louise Newson


Lorraine Kelly joins Dr Louise Newson in this podcast episode and they discuss their shared experience of talking about the menopause on that infamous couch!

Lorraine talks openly about her own menopause and how treatment radically changed her work life, relationships, and emotional wellbeing. Every time menopause is discussed on Lorraine's show, they have an overwhelming response from women who are struggling with their symptoms and can't get the help they need.

Dr Newson outlines some of the ways she is trying to counteract the misinformation around HRT and general lack of awareness from the public and healthcare professionals. They discuss how attitudes are slowly changing around menopause and share their frustrations at the uphill battle they face in trying to get more help for more women.

Lorraine top 3 tips for women who are thinking about getting help:

  1. Get all the information you can and read up on everything you might need to know.
  2. Don't be fobbed off when you go and try and get help. Remember you're doing it for you, to feel better, but you're also doing it for everyone that loves you.
  3. If you're given HRT and you don't think it's working , don't give up, keep trying with it, or discuss changing the dose or type, it might take a while to find what suits you. Just go for it and be empowered.

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Episode 96

by Dr Louise Newson (Newson Health)