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my millennial health

here's why basics will always beat superfoods


You don’t need to eat fancy to feel good. Chloe and Jess explain ways that you can supercharge your health with these basic foods and principles. They touch on:👉🏾eating foods that are rich in prebiotic fibre for good gut health, instead of relying on probiotic supplements👉the benefit of having a food-first approach to getting your nutrient intake rather than defaulting to supplements👉🏻how much water you should be drinking, and how to hydrate effectively👉🏿how many serves of veggies you should be aiming for, some ways you can include more in your diet and why it’s important to eat all the colours👉🏼the one basic ingredient that has SO many benefits it could be counted as a superfood!👉🏽busting the myth that healthy eating is more expensive👉Jess and Chloe’s top 3 foods to include in your diet
Here's the book Chloe mentioned, Fiber Fueled by Dr B: https://booktopia.kh4ffx.net/2rKyzO
This is the episode on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=783017
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Episode 10

Season 2

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