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Mysterious Universe

Ovnis Extraterrestres

Mysterious Universe
Mysterious Universe
With its breathtaking landscapes, you'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing in the realms of strange phenomena could lurk below the wilds of Chile. However, according to one researcher, UFOs, dimensional gateways, electric humanoids, and much more inhabit this land. We explore some of these strange stories and consider extraordinary reports of teleporting fogs, adventures to hidden islands, and military encounters with the unknown.
Then for our Plus+ Members, we discuss the story of a New Zealand man who was said to have created a "death ray" before disappearing and then showing up at heavily armored military installations. Did he really create an advanced electronic energy weapon?"

Deeply Disturbing Stuff – Can The Truth Ever Be Told?

OVNIs Extraterrestres y otros en Chile

DISTORSIÓN. Ovnis, apariciones marianas, bigfoots, hadas, fantasmas y extrañas criaturas ¿una teoría explicativa?

La Tercera Article

Exploring the Enigma: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) Revealed

The Chilean Abduction

Australia Live 1988 Celebration of a Nation New Years Day bicentennial

Les Patterson Saves The World

Plus+ Extension
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Island of secrets: Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour

The Death-Ray Debacle

Stuff Article

RNZ: The Story of Victor Penny

War History Online Article

T. Townsend Brown Forum Post

The Death Ray - Harry Grindell Matthews (1924)

War's Latest Terror

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Mysterious Universe
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