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Quantum Holographic Blood Boys

Mysterious Universe
Mysterious Universe
In a very real sense, the science industry has become less about discovery and more about compliance with the statutory. Of course, not all quack theories should be entertained, but are we in danger of dismissing revolutionary concepts? On this episode, we discuss the controversial theory of "Wave genetics," which is a theoretical approach to understanding genetic information transfer. It suggests that genetic material can be influenced and manipulated by electromagnetic waves, and that the structural arrangement of DNA can be altered through resonance effects, potentially leading to novel therapeutic applications and advancements in genetic engineering.
Then, for our Plus+ members, we explore the more subtle and niche elements of the UFO phenomenon and consider reports of UFO mining and energy capture from power stations.

Nexus Volume 31, Number 1

What is Wave Genetics

Prof Peter Gariaev lecture

Water Memory

The Wave Genome


Dr. Jiang Machine

Wave Genetics Technology

S Rob

China's Corrupt Military is Totally Screwed!

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