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Navigating Your 20s with Lethu

Outgrowing friendships and embracing solitude


Friendships can be pretty tricky because as we grow older, the dynamics of our friendships begin to change. Sometimes we begin to drift away from people who were once our closest friends. So this week's episode is all about outgrowing friendships and learning to be content with your own company, because you shouldn't have to be around people who drain you or make you feel uneasy just for the sake of having "friends" . I also discuss the importance of being able to identify your true friends & avoid having "fake friends". If you enjoyed it and gained something from this episode, I'd appreciate it if you'd support this podcast by leaving a positive review on iTunes and sharing it on your socials. Please make sure to tag me on Instagram @navigatingyour20s_withlethu or @lethucele_. My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxUIRv3Wo5MuCqUBcukiyA Thank you ❤️ Love & Light ✨