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by Neil Kinsey Fagan
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Scribble Poetry Radio 10 June 2016


Welcome to this week's edition of Scribble the programme that brings to life the world of #Poetry and #Creative #Writing.

On the show this week are:

Dawna Markova (Michael R Justice), Jason Nicholas Smith, Charles Edward York, Marietta Maglas, Ryan Woods, Dianne Forbes Compton, Andrew daniels, Rebecca Askew, Jennifer Circosta, Melissa Steyn.

As usual if you are a poet or writer drop us a line and leave your work on our FB page at www.facebook.com/365scribble.

Or on our submission page www.facebook.com/groups/365scribble/

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This programme is available as download from AudioBoom, Soundcloud and iTunes Podcast.

And you get the App for I Phones and Androids by following this link: http://bit.ly/1phJR9x

Don't forget get involved and share your work with the world, it is your platform so please submit work and get involved.



by Neil Kinsey Fagan