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NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast

Crouchfest 3

NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast
NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast

It is the moment you have all been waiting for…..

For all of you who were unable to attend on the night, or for those of you who did and wanted to relive the extravaganza again, strap yourselves in for Crouchfest 3. 

Enjoy a glimpse of some of the banter and badinage that went down on the night and some of our highlights from the evening, including Blind date and a darts tournament that put even the Ally Pally to shame. 

We also caught up with some of the talent from the night as they joined us backstage to give their take on one of the biggest events in the calendar as well as from some of our de hard listeners who made it down on the night and made the show that extra bit special. 

Crouchfest 3 - The Trilogy Complete. 


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NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast
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