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NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast

Pete’s Bentley - That Peter Crouch Podcast

NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast
NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast

This week the lads are sitting down with the Blackburn, Tottenham and all round legend that is David Bentley!!

Few of the guests we have had on the podcast have brought the energy that David has, be it nights out that Crouchy would probably rather forget or flogging flooring none of knew we needed - Bentley doesn’t mess around. 

If you have ever wondered how to smuggle chicken nuggets into an England training camp or how to tell Mr Redknapp himself exactly what you think of him then we have got the podcast for you. 

Also tune in for updates on Wayne Bridge’s eponymous bridge as well as our hot take on how VAR can be used for the greater good. 


00:26 Introduction to David Bentley

02:42 Bentley's pudding preferences and Arsenal memories

03:24 Chris Stark's Maidenhead United experience

20:53 David Bentley's early success in Football

25:32 Arsenal Youth to Professional Football

33:10 Challenges in Bentley's Football career

40:22 Tottenham 

41:02 Relationship with Managers and Teammates

42:50 Memorable Stories from Team Events

45:32 Transition to Different Leagues and Cultures

49:25 Wingman Stories

56:42 Life after Retirement: Business Ventures and Career Choices

59:53 Thoughts on VAR and Potential Innovations

01:04:05 Wayne Bridge's potential bridge project at Skegness Pier

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NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast
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