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NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast

That Pre-Season Chat x That Peter Crouch Podcast

NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast
NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast

On today’s episode, in the spirit of their pre-Christmas preparations, the Crouchy, Chris and Sids take a minute to talk about all things pre season preparations. 

Crouchy and Sids bring Chris up to speed on what life is like for a young player coming up the ranks with those first few pre season camps and the type of atmosphere, activities and discipline you learn to expect during your early career. 

Never ones to shy away from a bit of hard work, the lads talk of the pleasure they would get out of being the senior heroes tea b*tches and shoe shiners knowing full well one day they would graduate to have their own. 

From struggling to get back into that peak season form and the potential fat shaming you could bring upon yourself, the pre season camps are no joke (although we had a laugh revisiting them)

We also hear from some of our listeners who have tried to bring the now infamous Eggy Boff game to a new level with potentially disastrous consequences!

All this, and much more, only on That Peter Crouch Podcast!

00:34 Intro

03:31 First Preseason Experiences

10:03 Tea B*tches

16:19 Boys on tour

19:46 Preseason Training Environments

21:12 Ze Germans!

23:47 There’s method to the madness

31:12 Health is wealth

40:56 Skillz for days

45:42 Peace Cup

50:26 Community Shield 

53:13 Eggy Boff v Pause

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NEW: That Peter Crouch Podcast
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