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Demystifying Menopause with Susan Dominus and Dr. Rebecca Brightman

For so many women, menopause is a mystery. Its symptoms can be wide-ranging and last for years, and information about treatments can be confusing - where it exists at all. To make things even more challenging, healthcare providers are often less-than-helpful when it comes to finding solutions. Our guests today are here to help: New York Times writer Susan Dominus’ recent article, “Women Have Been Misled About Menopause” was an immediate viral sensation, becoming a valuable resource on the latest research and treatments. Her reporting also resonated for another reason: the symptoms women experience are finally being taken seriously. Dr. Rebecca Brightman, a gynecologist from New York City specializing in menopausal medicine, joins the conversation to share what she’s learned throughout her years of treating women facing this life-altering transition. Plus: our guests answer questions submitted by you, our listeners.

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Next Question with Katie Couric
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