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NextGEN Medium

NextGEN Medium

NextGEN Medium

About NextGEN Medium

Welcome to the conversation about everyone's natural intuition and soul abilities!

NextGen Medium is hosted by Sarah Nickerson, a psychic medium, who's mission is to demystify psychic abilities and mediumship to show and share that everyone is capable of these abilities.

Sarah also writes a 'NextGen Medium Blog' and films the 'NextGEN Medium Vlog' on YouTube in order to share information in a variety of ways using the highlights of each avenue for you to take in information with as many senses as that can be allowed.

Where ever you are in your journey - looking to uncover, newly discovered, in the spiritual awakening, or beyond- this channel will help you expand your consciousness, awareness and understanding that is meant to be a positive and safe space for all those open to this universal subject and gift.

It's time to turn society's opinions on it's head and lift the veil by piercing the veil. Subscribe to join Sarah weekly about the most talked about topics to do with psychic mediumship in a fun and modern way that will make you realize your abilities and expand upon your gifts.

Welcome, get ready for the ride of your lifetime and let's do this together- because that's what this is all about.


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