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by Jordan Bonaparte / Curiouscast

the Disturbing story of Dale 'Klutzy the Clown' Rancourt - 2 - a documentary that didn't age well


Dale Rancourt is a former children’s entertainer and registered sex offender who is known widely as the disgraced ‘Klutzy the Clown’,

As you heard in my prior episode while researching Rancourt's life and crime I referenced a documentary film (Big Shoes) about him, produced several years before his arrest.

As you may have expected, the film really didn't age well and not because of any creative of technical decisions Michael or Adrienne made but because it leaves out the topic that dominates any discussion about Dale Klutzy the Clown Rancourt.. the sexual offences against a child that occurred in the years after the films release.

After watching the film I was interested to hear how the filmmakers have dealt with such a spoiled creation and that’s exactly what we will get into in this episode.

In this episode of Nighttime we will be joined by Michael Fraiman and Adrian Lee and our topic is the disturbing story of Dale ' Klutzy ' Rancourt... and their documentary that really didn't age well.


Dale ‘Klutzy the Clown’ Rancourt - Part 1: https://www.nighttimepodcast.com/episodes/dale-klutzy-rancount-1

Big Shoes documentary: https://vimeo.com/99190869

Michael Fraiman: https://twitter.com/MFraiman

Adrian Lee: https://twitter.com/adrianklee


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by Jordan Bonaparte / Curiouscast