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the Unsolved Murder of Geraldine Settee - 2 - Discussion with True North True Crime

11 year old Geraldine Settee was last seen leaving her home with some change in her pocket and a craving for a snack from a neighbourhood drug store a short, safe, walk away.

When Geraldine didn't return within the expected time, her father grew worried and worry turned to panic when he learned the drugstore wasn't even open that evening.

Where is Geraldine?

A gruesome discovery the next morning would answer that question, create many more, and forever change the Settee family.

In this episode of nighttime, We will be joined by the hosts of True North True Crime for a discussion surrounding this horrific case.


Justice for Geraldine Settee Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/368092711653220

CBC profile of Geraldine’s case: https://www.cbc.ca/missingandmurdered/mmiw/profiles/geraldine-leona-settee

True North True Crime: https://truenorthtruecrime.podbean.com/


Musical Theme - Noir Tokyo by Monty Datta

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