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No Bullsh!t Leadership

It’s All In the Mind: The mental game of leadership

No Bullsh!t Leadership
No Bullsh!t Leadership

Episode #236 // Have you ever wondered why people who are clearly at the top of their game all of a sudden have a steep decline in performance? Things that they’ve been able to routinely do at an elite level all of a sudden seem to be beyond their reach.

I saw an example of this just recently, where a professional NFL footballer inexplicably lost the plot. His physical abilities were no different after the slump in form as they were prior to the slump. But it looked like his mental state was night-and-day different!

What happens if you have a crisis of confidence in your own leadership? There’s a big difference between having healthy doubts, and having the sort of mental collapse that hijacks your very ability to perform.

In this episode, I discuss those differences, and give you some tactics for dealing with any performance declines so that, at worst, they’re short-lived, and at best you emerge from them even stronger than before.

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No Bullsh!t Leadership

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No Bullsh!t Leadership
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