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No Bullsh!t Leadership

The 4-Day Work Week: Q&A with Marty and Em

No Bullsh!t Leadership
No Bullsh!t Leadership

Episode #233 // Workforce layoffs have continued in the US, as large companies trim the fat in advance of the recession that looks likely to head our way. But the latest data on economic growth and jobs are more positive than most commentators expected.

Europe is leading the way, with some better than expected growth figures, and the US added almost 600,000 jobs to the economy in January, which will keep an already tight labor market highly strung. So, with US unemployment at a 50-plus-year low, it could be a seller’s market for some time to come.

Meanwhile, we continue to field questions every day from listeners who are navigating their own challenges, with a backdrop of highly-complex and fast-moving shifts in workforce dynamics.

In today’s Q&A episode, we’re going to look at some of the phenomena that you’re likely to be wrestling with at the moment, starting with the new push to establish the 4-day work week as a standard in many companies.

We also take on the difficult topic of shift workers. How do you get shift workers engaged in training and development, when they’re (quite rightly) focused on critical front-line, or customer-facing activities?



Did you know that almost 25% of workers experience burnout four or more times per year, while 40% think it’s an inevitable part of success?" (Asana, 2023) 😰

With mass layoffs and hiring freezes dominating the news cycle, it's really no surprise that we're STILL feeling overworked, overwhelmed and burnt out!

That's why over the next few weeks, I'll be running a number of free sessions of my virtual training. I'll give you a practical roadmap to reclaiming your time, and reducing your work program to a reasonable size and shape: a workload that generates extraordinary value and that you feel proud of delivering.

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No Bullsh!t Leadership
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