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AI is the new enterprise UI with Clara Shih, CEO Salesforce AI

AI is the new UI for enterprise customers, according to Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI. Salesforce released Einstein, now called Einstein GPT, in 2016, making it an early example of how beneficial AI can be when embedded in enterprise software. This week on No Priors, Sarah and Elad talked with Clara about what the evolution of AI in enterprise looks like, how Salesforce is adoption AI across the organization, and the onboarding process for companies looking to integrate AI into their workflow, plus the challenges of pricing for AI services.

Clara Shih is the Chief Executive Officer of Salesforce AI where she leads the AI efforts across Salesforce including AI co-pilot and agent platform, model development, go-to-market growth, adoption, partnerships, ecosystems, and secure responsible AI. Before that was the CEO of Salesforce Service Cloud She is also the co-founder and previous CEO of Hearsay Systems. She is also on the Board of Directors at Starbucks. 

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Show Notes: 
(0:00) Clara’s Background
(0:50) From cloud services to AI
(3:25) Internal Model Development vs Open Source
(5:20) The Co-Pilot Approach
(8:50) Enterprise AI Adoption
(10:54) The future of Enterprise AI
(13:23) Cross-team collaboration
(14:40) AI is the new UI
(19:11) Structuring the Dataset
(21:25) What’s next for generative AI in Enterprise
(23:18) Pricing challenges in AI
(26:30) Startups and AI
(28:22) Collaboration in AI Industry
No Priors: Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Technology | Startups
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