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How Palantir’s AI Bet is Revolutionizing Defense and Beyond, with CTO Shyam Sankar

Can frontiers as high-stakes as next-generation, AI-enabled defense depend on something as mundane as data integration? Can "large language models" work in such mission critical applications? In this episode of No Priors, hosts Sarah Guo and Elad Gil are joined by Shyam Sankar, the Chief Technical Officer of Palantir Technologies and inventor of their famous Forward Deployed Engineering force.

Early employee and longtime leader Shyam explains the evolution of technology at Palantir, from ontology and data integration to process visualization and now AI. He describes how a company of Palantir's scale has adopted foundation models and shares customer stories. They discuss the case for open source AI models fine-tuned on private, domain-specific data, and the challenges of anchoring AI models in reality.

Show Links:

Shyam Sankar - Chief Technical Officer - Palantir Technologies | LinkedIn  


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Show Notes: 
[0:00:00] - Palantir's CTO Discusses Company's Background
[0:10:17] - Apollo and AIP
[0:20:25] - Future of UI and Application Integration
[0:28:29] - Investment in Co-Pilot Models and Education
[0:31:22] - Exploring AI Implementation in Various Industries
[0:38:19] - Operational and Analytical Workflows in Context
No Priors: Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Technology | Startups
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