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Nobody Should Believe Me

Only the Beginning

Nobody Should Believe Me
Nobody Should Believe Me
We return to Alyssa's story - In the aftermath of Brittany Philips' conviction, Alyssa faces a daunting new reality: the path to recovery. The long-term physical and psychological effects of Munchausen by Proxy abuse cast a long shadow for survivors, and bringing Brittany to justice is just the beginning of the healing process. 
In this episode, we delve into Alyssa's journey and witness her remarkable growth as she embraces her new life. Bravely refusing to let her past define her, Alyssa emerges as an inspiring overcomer, as aptly described by her adopted mother, Laura Waybourn. As a family, the Waybourns navigate the challenges with unwavering determination and resilience.

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Note: This episode contains sensitive content related to child abuse. Listener discretion is advised.
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Nobody Should Believe Me
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