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Not Alone

Bridging the Gap: Age Differences and Marital Challenges with Gary Lipovetsky

Not Alone
Not Alone
A harmonious marriage is like a perfectly tuned melody, where two people find joy and comfort in each other's company. It's the beauty of shared laughter, mutual understanding, and a sense of belonging. 

In this special episode, Gary joins Valeria for an honest and open conversation about marriage and how their relationship started. From a comical allergy to hair dyes, to their age difference challenges and parenting approach, they share an insightful conversation about life, love, and business.  

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Not Alone Podcast

What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

02:07 The allergy to hair dyes

07:13 First meeting

10:31 Dating preferences

13:53 Age difference

17:08 What Mom had to say

25:49 The sweet ignorance of youth

29:51 Answering age gap questions

35:15 Building a business together

42:16 Prioritize the benefit to the family

47:03 Creating a brand with value

51:35 Building everything in-house

55:41 Separation of tasks and expertise

01:02:13 A common goal prevents disagreements

01:05:00 They’re actually straight A students

01:07:17 The mindset to get things done

01:08:58 Do you celebrate achievements?

01:13:18 Personal breakthroughs

01:15:14 Keeping up with the trends

01:18:57 What’s the future like?

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Not Alone
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