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Not Alone

Finding the Courage to be Disliked with Sai De Silva

Not Alone
Not Alone
Overcoming life's obstacles often requires a powerful blend of determination and the belief in the potential to manifest and create your own better reality. People with that kind of grit, look fear in the face and move forward.

In this episode, Valeria invites a special guest and friend, the extraordinary Sai De Silva, for a heartfelt conversation about their upbringings, personal hardships, and the remarkable journey of resilience, hard work, and manifestation that has defined Sai's life. Sai De Silva is Founder and Creative Director of Scout the City and cast member on Bravo’s Hit TV Series, Real Housewives of NYC. 

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:24 Growing up with less resources

03:16 Practiced manifestation in the form of visualization at a young age

06:33 Leaving home at a young age

08:32 “I don’t blame my past or my parents.”

14:42 Getting older is not easy

17:20 Being a parent now

19:24 Locking away your painful past

22:57 How did you get started on social media?

26:04 Know who you are and be comfortable with it

30:14 Being honest can come off brash sometimes

33:30 Eye opening experiences in reality TV

36:08 “I had no idea I was the villain.”

40:08 Doing something that you’re passionate and gives you freedom

45:56 Learning never stops when you’re not in school

46:35 How the kids are coping with the public life

49:07 Future plans and goals

51:10 Keeping the storyline going

52:25 Manifesting a new home 

54:01 “Despite what people think, I am kind.”

55:07 Have you been traumatized by a friend?

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Not Alone
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