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Not Alone

Learn to Love Yourself with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

Not Alone
Not Alone
This week, Valeria is joined by Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Melissa Wood-Tepperberg! Melissa is founder of MWH and host of the Move With Heart Podcast. She is a motivational speaker, meditation teacher, certified yoga and pilates instructor, certified health coach, and beloved by the diverse community she’s cultivated through her unique approach to fitness and mindfulness over the years. An innate digital entrepreneur, Melissa began filming and sharing her workouts from her living room using only an iPhone and simple tripod in 2015. 

In this episode, Valeria and Melissa tackle topics surrounding self-discovery and change. They touch on Melissa’s journey to finding herself, tips on how to discover yourself while you’re in a relationship, and finding courage to accept and embrace your inner and outer transformations. 

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Not Alone Podcast

What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:10 How Valeria and Melissa met

01:05 Melissa’s journey to finding herself

06:52 Self-discovery in a relationship

09:52 Fear and codependency

11:15 Love lessons from Mom

14:02 Type vs. Values

15:57 Meditation and self-discovery

18:48 Finding common ground in relationships

24:40 The courage to accept change

31:24 Living in neutrality

36:27 Letting go of control

40:21 Difference between discomfort and boundary

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Not Alone
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