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Not Alone

Prioritizing Love: How to Save Your Relationship From Ruin, with Maria Sosa

Not Alone
Not Alone
This week, Valeria sits down with relational wellness expert and therapist, Maria Sosa. Join Valeria and Maria as they dive deeper into the heart of relational wellness therapy, truly being heard in your relationship, how to reignite intimacy, and finding the beauty in missed connections. In this episode, we navigate the complexities of love, growth, and communication, and are reminded that even in the uncomfortable moments, the potential for meaningful connection is endless. 

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Mind Meets Body

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:05 What is relational wellness therapy?

03:45 What is effective communication in a relationship?

06:15 When communication is not being understood

09:30 Modern relationships now have negotiating roles

11:26 Couple tips for managing finances

13:58 How do you reignite intimacy?

18:37 Focus on the missed connections

21:15 Tools to help reconnect with your partner

23:54 Personal growth may bring couples apart

26:06 Struggles arise when there is disparity in growth

29:11 What is your definition of commitment?

31:38 Why negotiations are crucial in any marriage

34:14 The reality of long-term relationships

37:46 Feeling uncomfortable is not the end

41:13 Couples bring their individuality into the marriage

42:53 Love as a feeling vs love as a verb

46:37 The origins of marriages

50:49 Should there be a power struggle?

52:35 Work-life balance doesn’t include relationship growth

58:43 Relationships take time 

59:42 The standards of a perfect marriage 

01:06:01 Questions to ask before getting married

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Not Alone
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