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Not Alone

She Lost Her Child & Husband: From Grief to Growth w/ Netflix,Uber&Apple Executive Bozoma Saint John

Not Alone
Not Alone
This week, Valeria is joined by former CMO at Netflix and Endeavor, and former chief brand officer at Uber, the one and only Bozoma Saint John! From the loss of her boyfriend, daughter and husband, Bozoma has lived through unimaginable loss and grief but has still been able to forge a path for herself and become her own light within the darkness. 

In this episode, Valeria and Bozoma dive deep into her book, ‘The Urgent Life’, discuss how intuition plays a role in healing, using emotions like grief, anger, and regret as motivation, and what happiness really means. 

Make sure to get your copy of Bozoma’s book, “The Urgent Life,” to embark on a journey of healing, courage, and embracing life's urgency. Grab your copy here: https://bitly.ws/3aThr

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

01:38 Trusting your intuition

05:47 Break away from rules that don’t apply to you

10:01 The role of intuition in healing and transformation

15:30 When should you seek advice?

18:19 “There’s no mistakes in life, just delayed opportunities…”

20:34 Different types of grief

25:03 Embracing grief as a part of healing

27:50 Celebrating what could have been

30:25 How grief, anger, and regret can propel you forward

37:52 What is happiness?

39:04 Creating the light for yourself

44:17 The complicated gift of knowing the end

47:41 The Urgent Life

52:18 Navigating loss and grief with your child

59:38 Prioritizing yourself

1:04:32 Focusing on what you’re good at

1:10:29 Going beyond dreams

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Not Alone
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