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Not Alone

The Fourth Trimester: Identity Crisis and Postpartum Depression with Kelsey Kreppel

Not Alone
Not Alone
Today, Valeria welcomes Kelsey Kreppel, a preschool-teacher-turned-content-creator and entertainer, to chat all about her current pregnancy and the anticipation and fear that comes with being an expectant first-time mom. Kelsey shares her pregnancy experience, the challenges that come with it, and the joys, fears, and anticipation of her son’s upcoming arrival. Being a first-time-mom can be scary and lonely, but Valeria gives Kelsey her best tips on how to navigate this new season of life without losing your sense of self along the way. 
Valeria shares with Kelsey her honest and realistic advice on the “fourth trimester”, what to expect postpartum, how to handle being humbled as a mother, and not falling into doom traps of birth experiences and advice on the internet. Kelsey also shares the approach she and her husband, YouTuber Cody Ko, take when sharing their lives as influencers and the precautions and boundaries they’ll have to think about as new parents in the public eye. 

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

01:54 How do you define a cool mom?

03:31 Becoming a mother feels so natural

07:06 Conversations about starting a family

11:54 How to parent your own children

17:17 Preparing for postpartum and other afterbirth care

21:36 The fourth trimester

23:27 Embracing the changes that happen during pregnancy

29:00 It’s not easy but it’s also not permanent

34:48 Attachment style 

38:03 The advantage of allowing your child to explore their emotions

42:45 Limiting what to share online when you have kids

48:07 Preparing to give birth

49:53 Doctor visits and counting baby kicks

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Not Alone
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