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Not Alone

The Truth About Social Media: How to Be More Responsible Online

Not Alone
Not Alone
Social media is an extension of yourself and we must start treating it accordingly. Now, more than ever, what we post, how we act, and how we interact online has much deeper permanence and power to either push us forward or hold us back. In a world where online interactions can now shape lives, navigating these issues has become a daily concern for both children and adults. 

Everyone wants to go viral and be “famous” online, but at what cost? How can we protect our kids on social media? These are not questions I have answers to, but would love to start a conversation about. 

Valeria is on:
Not Alone Podcast

What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:20 A Day In The Life of a Content Creator

05:06 Social Media Responsibility

08:21 The Impact of Every User in the Social Media Era

12:42 Going Viral at What Cost?

14:14 The Power and Responsibility of Online Creators

20:07 Parenting in the Social Media Age

25:43 Knowing Yourself Before You Post

30:49 Simple Strategies for Screen Time

34:29 Evolving from Ego to Legacy

38:29 Turning Comparison into Growth

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Not Alone
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