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Not Alone

Timeless Wisdom: The Art of Aging Gracefully with Lynn Shabinsky

Not Alone
Not Alone
This week, Valeria sits down with Lynn Shabinsky, better known as @whitehairwisdom on social media. The two unravel the layers of Lynn's childhood, exploring the roots that shaped the vibrant person she is today. From venturing into the world of social media to discovering the joy in sharing life's snippets, Lynn's tale is a testament to finding happiness in authenticity. 

Together, Valeria and Lynn touch on understanding the power of choices for all women, the wisdom that comes with the passage of time, and the art of aging gracefully. Lynn shares her insights on what it truly means to be a good mother, the beauty of adapting through communication shifts in marriage, and the joy of watching your children step into the world of parenting. Get ready for heart-to-heart conversations on love, loss, and the little moments that make life extraordinary.

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:28 What was Lynn’s childhood like?

03:00 Venturing into social media

05:51 Finding joy in sharing your life

11:38 Sharing a tidbit of your reality

13:51 All women have a choice

16:11 When did you realize you’ve grown old?

19:26 How do you process loss?

20:34 Our parents are aging too

23:39 When did you switch to a healthier lifestyle?

25:34 Practicing yoga for 20 years

28:38 Age can teach us so much 

31:34 Wear what feels right for you

33:16 Big passion for fashion

36:50 What makes one a good mother?

39:19 Overpreparing, sometimes, messes thing sup

40:44 What it’s like to marry young 

41:45 What makes a successful marriage?

44:01 Adapting to the communication changes throughout the marriage

46:03 Watching your children learn how to parent

48:24 How to build strong communication with your children

50:33 Are you a strict parent?

51:55 How to keep a positive energy everyday

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Not Alone
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