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Not Alone

Transform Your Family: Master Conscious Parenting with Child Expert Dr. Shefali

Not Alone
Not Alone
This week, Valeria is joined by clinical psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Shefali. Together they dive into the definition of conscious parenting, the myths and truths of the concept, the struggles of modern parenting, and the journey of radical awakening for authenticity in adulthood. Valeria also takes a vulnerable leap and shares a retrospective on the conversation with Dr. Shefali, further explaining her thoughts on conscious parenting after sitting with the idea for a few weeks. She boldly admits her mistakes as a parent, outlines the practices she uses with her own children, and details why they work (and sometimes don’t!). 

Explore Dr. Shefali's latest book, "The Parenting Map," for a step-by-step guide to elevate your parent-child relationship. https://bitly.ws/3aGcT

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What We Talked About:

00:00 Intro

00:37 Conscious parenting

02:44 Is conscious parenting being an idealist?

04:31 The struggle of modern ways of parenting

06:08 Steps to conscious parenting

07:30 Difference between gentle and conscious parenting

08:50 Conscious parenting is a lifelong process

10:53 Having one conscious parent in a family

12:44 How do we bring fear to children?

14:52 “Your child is not who you are”

16:12 Nurturing authenticity in your child

17:37 Relationship between parent’s reactions and child behavior

18:52 Radical Awakening

20:23 Reparenting your inner child

22:25 Inner revolution in adulthood

25:49 Individual growth in marriage

27:19 What is authenticity?

28:45 Find your truth

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Not Alone
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