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Not Alone

Unlocking Limitless Potential: A Guide to Brain Breakthroughs with Jim Kwik

Not Alone
Not Alone
Ever wondered how to give your brain a breather? It's not just about rest; it's like a strategic downtime that brings back the pep in your step. Today's guest is the visionary Jim Kwik. Jim was once known as the “boy with the broken brain,” where a childhood head injury at age five left him struggling in school. Jim discovered that, no matter the circumstances, we can rebuild our brains. And after working on himself, he realized his brain was not broken…it just needed a better owner’s manual. 

We chat about strong people who've faced tough times and Jim details areas to tackle, letting you in on the secrets to unlocking your full potential. Along the way, we dive into courage, asking the right questions, and handling triggers with some self-aware questioning. Together, Valeria and Jim explore the nitty-gritty of self-regulation, staying positive with language, and the magic of the 80/20 rule. And oh, and we throw in some colorful thinking hats for good measure! Join us on a journey of uncovering the playful side of understanding your unique thinking style and unlocking your potential by leading a limitless life. 

Limitless Expanded Edition: https://kwikbrain.com/limitless-expanded Available now!

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