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Notorious Age of Sigmar

Notorious AOS Episode 36 - Kruleboyz battletome review ft Peter Atkinson


The lads are back in your ears with the Peter Atkinson take over. Shaun and Tubs are joined by Peter, @PlasticCraic https://plasticcraic.blog/ to talk all things Kruleboyz. Shaun knows nothing about the green boys so Tubs and Peter take the charge on this one to bring you all the Kruleboyz goodness over 4 hours, enjoy!

Twitter - Big Shaun: @AOSshaun89

Twitter - Tubs (little Shaun): @AOSTubs

Twitter - Peter @PlasticCraic & https://plasticcraic.blog/

Email - notoriousaos@gmail.com

outro - J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD