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NÜ EARTH with Nixie Marie

215: Creating Abundance through Permaculture with Koreen Brennan


On today’s episode we are grounding ourselves back into the soil of the earth after a month of exploring the cosmic realms. As Nixie has arrived back in her Topanga studio in Los Angeles she is inspired to be with the land. Nixie interviews Koreen Brennan to discuss the basics of permaculture, birdwatching as a spiritual practice, and the transforming effects of nature.

What we explore:

  • Sitting on the earth
  • Bird watching as a hobby, Bluejay medicine
  • The power of pollinators
  • The transforming effects of nature
  • The basics of permaculture
  • Importance of diversity
  • Thinking outside the box of our economy
  • Land stewardship
  • Connecting with naturalist of the land, veteran farmers
  • Learning about your environments ecosystem
  • The spiritual benefits of permaculture
    • Books: Gaia's Garden, Practical Permaculture

Connect with Koreen Brennan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koreenbrennan/



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