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NÜ EARTH with Nixie Marie

219: Spiritual Ecology Part 3- The Gaia Hypothesis


In this week's episode, Nixie revisits Spiritual Ecology for part 3 exploring the Gaia Hypothesis. Scientist James Lovelock was the catalyst for research that showed Gaia, the Earth, is a self-regulating system that is believed to be a singular entity. Nixie explains the theory and hypothesis that shows how we are also a part of this singular entity. Life on Earth regulates itself through the cycles of Earth, air, fire, and water.

James Lovelock believes that humans have pushed Gaia to her limits and while the Earth can re-balance herself he explores whether it is too late for the human race. 

What we explore:

  • The Gaia Hypothesis 
  • How the Earth re-balances itself 
  • The Earth as a self-regulating system 
  • The science behind why our Earth is overheating 
  • Solutions beyond plastic-free living
  • Is it time to look into Climate Geoengineering?


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