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Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals

Episode 1 - The Hunt

It’s May 1945 and Germany has just surrendered. The country is in chaos – a million former soldiers, three million foreign nationals, another million liberated from the concentration camps, all trying to get home. And hiding somewhere, in all that, hoping to slip away, are the top Nazis.

Top of the list to be tracked down and arrested are Joachim von Ribbentrop (Hitler’s Foreign Minister), Ernst Kaltenbrunner (Himmler’s Deputy), Hans Frank (Governor of Occupied Poland) and maybe even Martin Bormann (Hitler’s closest aide). Once caught, they are corralled in a stripped-out hotel in Luxembourg. But former Reichsmarschall Goering doesn’t have to be found: he surrenders himself along with 16 monogrammed suitcases, varnished nails and a valet. Starring Elliot Cowan as Sergeant Monelli, US Army Sergeant and Nigel Lindsay as Hermann Goering, one-time head of the Luftwaffe.

Sergeant Monelli - ELLIOT COWAN
Colonel Burton Andrus - JOSEPH ALESSI
Hermann Goering - NIGEL LINDSAY
Agent Matteson and other roles - CLIVE WOOD
Ernst Kaltenbrunner and other roles - JONATHAN CULLEN
Gisela von Westarp and other roles - ROSIE SHEEHY
General Eisenhower and other roles - JOSEPH MYDELL
Joachim von Ribbentrop and other roles - JASPER BRITTON
General Patch and other roles - HARI DHILLON
General Clay and other roles - NATHAN WILEY
Winston Churchill and other roles - ANDREW WOODALL
GI and other roles - ILAN GOODMAN
Intelligence Officer and other roles - MARK EDEL-HUNT
British Doctor and other roles - NICHOLAS WOODESON

Sound Designer - ADAM WOODHAMS
Studio Manager - MARK SMITH
Casting Director - GINNY SCHILLER
Original Score - METAPHOR MUSIC
Writer and Director - JONATHAN MYERSON

A Promenade Production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds
Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals
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