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Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals

Episode 10 - Too Much Paper

The trial is underway but the accused men in the dock seem almost proud of what they did. Some of the Nazi documents are chilling but there are simply too many of them. It will need something much more real to show the world the enormity of their crimes.

And soon it’s clear there’s a danger of the American team relying too heavily on documents alone – the trial is becoming bogged down. The Defendants are even starting to feel they’re winning...until the American Prosecutors change tack and show a 60-minute film of footage taken at the Concentration Camps. Nobody has seen anything like it. The courtroom is reduced to silence, the defendants finally cowed. Featuring Hari Dhillon as Colonel Robert Storey, Deputy American Prosecutor, and Andrew Woodall as Adolf Hitler.

Tatiana Sablikova - AMANDA RYAN
Robert H Jackson - JOSEPH MYDELL
Sir Geoffrey Lawrence - NICHOLAS WOODESON
Robert Storey - HARI DHILLON
Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe - FORBES MASSON
Hermann Goering - NIGEL LINDSAY
Julius Streicher - HENRY GOODMAN
Wilhelm Keitel - JONATHAN CULLEN
Hans Marx and other roles - ILAN GOODMAN
Adolf Hitler and other roles - ANDREW WOODALL
Joachim von Ribbentrop and other roles - JASPER BRITTON
GI and other roles - NATHAN WILEY

Sound Designer - ADAM WOODHAMS
Studio Manager - MARK SMITH
Casting Director - GINNY SCHILLER
Original Score - METAPHOR MUSIC
Writer and Director - JONATHAN MYERSON

A Promenade Production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds
Nuremberg: The Trial of the Nazi War Criminals
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