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Falconer the Fearless


In the last episode of series one, Falconer undergoes a screening to determine if she is ready to return to service. Meanwhile her team absolutely don't have a life-threatening crisis on their hands.

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106: Falconer the Fearless


Commander Falconer - Cate Nunn

First Officer Christy - Hannah Wilmshurst

Officer Burney - Max Windich

Officer Lowell - Ashley Hunt

Orpheus - Guy Grimsley

The sinister voice - Phil Cotterill

Field Marshal Mayhew - Ida Berglöw Kenneway

Special Operative Amos Dexter - Ed Blagrove

Reginald - Alistair Nunn

Horace - Ralph Watson

Cybergerbil - Tom Ashton


Created by Rob Stringer

Sound by Joe Carr

Music by Tom Ashton


This series contains sound/imagery of warfare, weaponry and violence, and discussion of PTSD. Listener discretion is advised.