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On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast

The Game Is On

Survivor 45 is on! Eighteen new castaways are marooned on the islands of Fiji and there’s already some surprising friction between the group. What drives Emily to confront Bruce the moment they get to the barge? Rick Devens and Jay Wolff dig into this moment and the other major turning points in the premiere episode — including a frightening medical incident, the strategy behind the new “Sweat vs. Savvy” and the very shocking twist at Tribal Council. But first, Devens details just how much preparation and sacrifice each castaway makes leading up to their time on the island. Jeff Probst then shares a behind-the-scenes look at the approach to designing the game for the new, longer 90-minute TV episodes, how the castaways are organized into their tribes, and just how he felt during the tribal council that nobody expected. 
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On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast
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