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On Pointe with Luna Montana

On Pointe with Luna Montana

On Pointe with Luna Montana

About On Pointe with Luna Montana

Hey guys, it’s Luna! I’m excited to announce my new podcast, On Pointe with Luna Montana. You may know me from YouTube where I make vlogs, ballet videos, and my "girl talk" series. I wanted to take everything I love about my "girl talk" videos and bring it to you all in a weekly format. On Pointe will be a safe space for girls, guys and non-binaries to discuss topics that sometimes might seem taboo, but as young adults and teenagers we all experience. From love and relationships, navigating friendships, body image, anxiety and everything in-between, there’s no topic that’s off limits. We might even have a guest or two drop by to share their personal experiences and tips for navigating all kinds of situations. And of course I want to hear from you all! So let’s get in first, second, fifth position and beyond and get on pointe with me. Coming to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.
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