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On The Scent

Avon take us Far Away Beyond the Moon…

On The Scent
On The Scent
We were so excited to partner with @avon_uk to create this immersive episode, in which we get to try the BRAND NEW Avon fragrance - Far Away Beyond the Moon.

We’ll be travelling via our noses and diving deep into the creation of this fragrance by talking to Avon’s Head of Perfumery, Victor Costa, listening to the fragrant dreamscapes Suzy & Nicola were whisked to while wearing it and hearing some of the Outspoken Beauty Panellists’ impressions of wearing this scent.

But wait, did you know Avon’s history dates back to 1886? A future-forward company even then, they began when a door-to-door book salesman named David H. McConnell began giving free fragrance samples, but he quickly ditched the books when women went crazy for the scents and demanded more.

Employing a female sales force, and empowering them to create their own destiny (many earning an independent wage for the first time), Avon’s passion for beautiful yet affordable perfumes has never wavered!

Just some of the top name noses who’ve created fragrances for Avon include… Maurice Roucel, Olivier Cresp, Calice Becker, Honorine Blanc, Pierre Negrin, Antoine Lee, Fanny Bal & Alberto Morillas.

Built around the mysterious Belle de Nuit flower (which only blooms at night), Far Away Beyond the Moon is Parfum strength - all ripe cherries rippled through with sumptuously radiant musks - overlapping shades of midnight, a velvety sky sprinkled with stars, and silvery moonlight reflected in calmly lapping waves. It certainly took us far away, to some very unexpected places… and in this episode we invite you to join us in the immersive, dream-like scentscapes it beckoned us to explore…
And we know price shouldn’t matter, but this is SO affordable: just £16 for 50ml Parfum / Samples 50p!

We couldn’t resist visiting some of the other fragrances in the Beyond family, too: Far Away Beyond, which laps your skin (but better) in milky sandalwood, a caress of cashmere musk and snuggle-me-closer comfort; and the O.G, the original Far Away, which is a holiday in a bottle of sun warmed skin, blissed-out exotic breeziness and golden beaches stretching for miles… heaven!

The question is: where will @avon_uk Avon Far Away Beyond the Moon take YOU? We can’t wait for you to smell it and tell us!

Meanwhile, make yourself comfortable, sit back and relax, and listen while you allow your fragrant daydreams to begin…
On The Scent
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